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ESP Business Services

ESP Business Services provide...

Expert advice
Support in delivery
Peace of mind

About ESP

ESP come with over two decades of experience in business management. Our aim is to help business owners grow effective and efficient organisations. We do this by working out how to save you money, and how to make you money.

We have an MBA-qualified team with practical skills and on-the-job experience to proactively manage many aspects of business including:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Compliance and governance
  • Risk management and health & safety
  • Business continuity
  • Project management

From micro-enterprise through to global corporations, we deliver results for our customers. Our experience at both ends of the business spectrum gives us the extra-sensory perception (or “ESP”) to know what you need in your organisation. We’ll apply it when you need it, so you know your business is in safe hands.

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Business management

Do you need help running your business, or a director for a day?

Even if your business is operating well enough on a day-to-day basis, you might still benefit from experienced management advice on a weekly or monthly basis. If you don’t want or need a full-time Director or senior manager, ESP can step in to provide cost-effective oversight. Our skills and expertise in managing vital business functions, like Finance, Operations and HR, can help build resilience in your organisation.

Sometimes you all ready know what your company needs, as no-one knows your business like you do. But you might just need reassurance from an ESP expert to help you identify your next steps. We can sort through the priorities with you and provide you with an implementation plan. And when it comes to taking action, ESP can be involved as much or as little as you need.


Business development

Do you want your business to work for you, but not sure where to start?

Whether you are a start-up or a scale-up business, ESP can guide you.

For brand-new businesses ESP can help you set solid foundations on which to grow. We can use our decades of general management know-how to help you get the right policies, processes and people in the right places from Day 1.

To boost your business, ESP can map where you are against your personal aims to help you get to where you want to be. Perhaps you want your business to be bigger and better. Perhaps you feel swamped by your business and long for a better balance for your lifestyle.

Whatever you want from your business, the team at ESP can help get you there.


Project management

Do you have a one-off project that you can’t fit into your current schedule?

Sometimes you have a great new opportunity to pursue, or a change in legislation needs you attention. Yet your day-to-day doesn’t stop.

If your current staff don’t have the capacity to complete a project, ESP can provide the perfect project management service.

From reviews and policies, to practical project delivery, we can help.

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